Keystone Ridge Designs TIMELINE

An essential component to creating interactive public spaces by enhancing the creative visions of landscape architecture, site furniture will refine a landscape, establish a mood and accentuate a theme.

Headquartered in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® epitomizes premier, exceptional and exclusive site furnishings. Bringing two decades of experience, we have crafted innovative furniture evident in the expansive line of benches, litter receptacles, food court seating, planters, ash/trash receptacles, ash urns, planter stands, tables, chairs, bike racks, bollards, wayfinding signage, cast plaques, cushions, patio heaters and umbrellas. Exclusive By DesignTM defines the elements that the architectural community recognizes and appreciates as only Keystone Ridge Designs.

1995 Keystone Ridge Designs, Inc.® debuts with the distinctive Atlanta, English garden-inspired Reading and the trend-setting original Pullman Courtyard table and chair set.

1996 S-Curved Atlanta bench graces the 1996 catalog cover creating industry-wide buzz about its product, design and promotional originality.

1997 The Designer's Choice gives rise to the Arts & Crafts style and Eastern influences to introduce the Artisan and Horizon series.

1998 The McConnell collection revolutionizes the Arts & Crafts Movement influence into commercial furniture while the Catalina bursts forth with rays of southern style to define The Modern Classics.

1999 Site Furniture of Distinction is graced with the capture of timeless classical Greece building character in the Athenos and the savvy hip of the upscale Cabaret dining collection.

2000 A modern blend of contemporary European influence and historic design represents the simplistic innovation of the Exeter bench that deserves the year to itself.

2001 Establish aesthetics, define a sense of place and Create A PresenceTM are revealed in the cottage-style Kerrington, urban-elegant Midtown and modern-day revival Atticus.

2002 The Gothic cathedral spirit reveals the Augustine, the reclining Adirondack Thendara relaxes, the Breakwater stylizes weathered clapboards and the Torque turns it up a notch.

2003 Puddin Drippins®: The exclusive line of children's site furnishings offers a spirited complement for play environments and interactive settings while maintaining the time-honored originality and craftsmanship.  Not to be outdone, the funky-bridged Pylon, classic airy Leesburg & traditional picket fence Fenwick series provide stark style contrasts for an eclectic era.

2004 Cultural Traditions expand horizons with the historic Americana of the Liberty, unified grace of nature and architecture in the Tei and the avant-garde Dragonfly swoop that re-defines the term bench.

 Innovative, sleek and unobtrusive design was revealed with the addition of the Penn ash tower as a means for inconspicuous cigarette disposal.  Also, in a collaboration with ABC’s “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition”, Keystone Ridge Designs’ Torque benches were used by the design team for their unique industrial metal design that coordinated with the theme of the family’s backyard skate ramp.

2006 Upholding the same reputable standards of original design, exceptional quality and lasting durability, Brazilian Cherry wood furniture created options with an elegant resort appeal and natural beauty.

2007 With a focus on expanding the core product line of powder coated steel furnishings, the sophisticated Sienna, the architecturally-inspired Conservatory and the interlacing Kilian benches offered new options in distinctive seating.

2008 Inspired by a custom application for a premier ski resort, the Atlanta bike and ski rack combination became a standard product providing a unique year-round functionality for ski resorts.

2009 The introduction of the Schenley bench provides a new option in public seating and landscape enhancement with sleek horizontal lines, comfort-designed angles and tear-drop inspired cast aluminum legs.

2010 The expansion of the Penn series of products combines the existing ash urn with a modern collection of site furnishings intended for today's urban landscapes.  A sleek bench design, an inventive leaning rail concept and a compact litter receptacle
offer practical applications for city parks, transit stations and busy public spaces.

2011 The Easton table set provides new options in group seating with the flexibility to add 4, 5 or 6 seats around the table.  Also, the increasing popularity of the Schenley bench led to new variations including steel rods instead of slats or the ability to customize with Ipe hardwood and recycled lumber.

2012 New materials were highlighted with the Ipe hardwood slats of the new Robinson bench and the perforated steel of the Jackson series.  The Penn curved table adds a modern flare to our table collection and the Penn dual litter/recycling receptacle showcases versatility to accommodate clean street initiatives.


Keystone Ridge Designs is honored to be awarded with over 40 United States design patents and is awaiting other patents pending. Meanwhile, the pursuit continues to design original works of seating art that we are proud to proclaim as Exclusive By DesignTM.

A devoted organization composed of vivacious individuals striving to provide unique dimension to a purposeful product combined with skilled craftsmanship, caring client service, knowledgeable representation and the desire to uphold the Keystone Ridge Designs reputation.

Nationally respected, Keystone Ridge Designs products have been integrated by architects, landscape architects and design professionals into malls, shopping centers, downtown streetscapes, office complexes, museums, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, gardens, educational campuses and residential spaces.

Quality, craftsmanship, dedication to your creative vision — these are the hallmarks of Keystone Ridge Designs.